Sweets and Treats

Gourmet Chocolate Brownies

**Price is for individual items.  Discount of $1.00 for packages of four.
**When placing an order, please order a minimum of one dozen brownies.  Thanks!

Wedding Brownie
Because my husband (then fiancé) and I always preferred brownies to cake, I wanted to offer brownies at our wedding reception. After weeks of testing brownie recipes, this chocolate delight was what I created for our wedding. It is chocolate love at first bite!    $2.50

Turtle Brownie
How does one improve the perfect Wedding Brownie?  By adding creamy caramel and pecans into each bite, you will be sure to savor every morsel of this delicacy!     $2.50

Buckeye Brownie
Creamy peanut butter meets the wedding brownie in this sweet treat that is sure to satisfy the peanut butter lover in you.  I begin with the wedding brownie as a base, layer on a buckeye filling, and drizzle it with a smooth chocolate and peanut butter glaze.     $2.50

Chocolate Coconut Brownie
Do you love coconut as much as I do?  I hope so!  The wedding brownie base is sweetened with a layer of coconut bliss, drizzled with dark chocolate, and finished with a sprinkling of toasted coconut.  This is a shout out to my favorite candy bar.    $2.50

Classic Mint Brownie
Chocolate and mint are a true match made in heaven.  In this sweet treat a cool mint layer joins this fudgy brownie to create the perfect treat.  The wedding brownie base is layered with sweet mint frosting then covered with a chocolate ganache.    $2.50

Seasonal Sweets

**Price is for individual items.  Discount of $1.00 for packages of four.
**When placing an order, please order a minimum of one dozen.  Thanks!

Carrot Cake Bar
Carrots, coconut, raisins, and walnuts can only mean one thing, pure heaven in a delicious carrot cake bite!  This bar is finished off with a velvety cream cheese frosting that you are sure to savor.     $2.50

Georgia Peach Bar
Who doesn’t love a juicy, fresh peach?  I combine fresh peaches with a crumb cake to create this in season delight that is sure to satisfy.     $2.50

Caramel Apple Cookie Cup
This autumn delight was a special request from a customer.  This brown sugar cookie cup is filled with caramel and baked cinnamon apples creating an delicious fall favorite treat.  $2.50

Chocolate Dipped Crisped Rice Treats

**Price is for individual items.
**When placing an order, please order a minimum of one dozen treats.  Thanks!

Marshmallow & Crisped Rice Chocolate Dipped Treat

A crisp rice cereal and marshmallow sweet that is dipped in premium chocolate.
Treats can be dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate available.
Price includes your choice of chocolate dip and one decoration.
Decoration options include sprinkles, colored sugar, jimmies, or various color chocolate drizzle.
Treats may also be dipped on a popsicle stick (no extra charge).

Small Treat (2×3) $1.75 each
Large Treat (3×4) $2.50 each